Air Freight

Whether it is a worldwide movement request


Sea Freight

We offer sea freight shipping services from any


Land Freight

Our land freight service is not only from/to Lebanon


About BlackBlues

BLACKBLUES  is a dynamic freight company offering a comprehensive range of quality import/export solutions to its customers around the world. We aim to become one of the leading names in the freight-forwarding industry by delivering superior global logistics services and working efficiently and effectively to provide the best means for individual cargo movement. The reason behind our international success lays in our 5 core business strengths, namely:

A to Z Handling: We make things easy for our customers by providing them with a comprehensive range of freight and logistics services including - but not restricted to - documentation, packing, shipment, delivery and warehousing.

Personalized Customer Relations: We give every customer the exact care and attention they request, because we understand that every business case is different, and thus provide them with customized solutions to best fit their individual shipping needs.

Competitive Rates: In addition to providing highly competitive prices, we’re constantly looking into new means of reducing our shipment rates to help you reduce your expenses.

Quality Services: We introduce ourselves as a true “Logistics Partner”, as we want our customers to completely rely on us. That’s why we only provide them with superior quality services, paying attention to the smallest business details and guaranteeing documentation precision, door-to-door delivery, timely shipments, and safe procedures.

People-centric Strategy: Our experienced management assisted by our highly qualified and solution-oriented team constantly seeks to maintain and improve our servicing standards, while sparing you the hassle of overwhelming last-minute complications. Our team helps us earn your trust and support, so we can achieve and grow together.